Giosuè Carducci  27 luglio 1835 - 16 febbraio 1907

Giosuè Carducci  27 luglio 1835 – 16 febbraio 1907

The Palermo Committee was established in 15 June 1890 under the chairmanship of Francesco Lanza Spinelli, prince of Scalea.

The Committee is in a monopoly street close to Via della Libertà and Giardino Inglese, easily reachable by any transportation, also by walking and is located close to famous monuments of the city.

The Palermo Committee yearly offers rich and various cultural programme composed of literature meetings, theatre and  musical events. Also reserves a particolar attention of Divine Comedy trusts often in reading interpret of famous academics and writers. The Committee also manages a School of Italian Language and Culture, which is attended by mostly foreign students.

In fact, from 1993 to today our Committee has made about 27,000 training lessons, attesting the linguistic competence of more than 1000 users and, in recent years, has been committed to designing various initiatives and interventions that respond to the intensification of migration. Therefore the SDA Palermo has distinguished itself, as well as for the cultural commitment aimed at spreading and more and more rooted the values ​​of Italian art and literature, also for an effective action in the field of cultural integration. It has, in fact, periodically offered courses in Italian language and culture to immigrants.


The Dante Alighieri Society, founded in 1889 by a group of intellectuals led by Giosuè Carducci and erected to Ente Morale in 1893, aims to “protect and spread the Italian language and culture in the world”. There are 423 Committees in the world, of which 87 are in Italy. The Palermo Committee was established on 15 June 1890 with the presidency of Francesco Lanza Spinelli, Prince Scalea.


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